Our services

Our policy is providing the best support and always beside the clients once they need Ship repair services in Vietnam or Marine services in Vietnam as well as provide all kinds of objects, equipment, spare parts for ships.

Haiphong Marine Services - HMS Company provides all kinds of services for vessels alongside the Port and Anchorage as following areas: Campha Port/ anchorage, Halong Port/ anchorage, Hongai Port/ anchorage, Lachhuyen Port, Haiphong Port/ Haiphong anchorage, Nghison Port, Cualo Port, Vissai Port, Vung Ang Port, Sonduong Port, Hon la Port, HCM City, Phumy Port, Caimep Port, Dung Quat Port, Quy nhon Port, Vinh Tan Port...etc

Serving all requests of the clients and customer's satisfaction is the key for the sustainable development of Our Company. We would like to introduce our main services in marine as following:

1/ Marine Repair Services in Vietnam:

+ Steelworks-emergency or Permanent Repairs.



+ Repair, recondition Engine parts and hydraulic system in Vietnam.


+ Electric Motor rewinding, Ship electrical repair in Vietnam.


+ Refrigeration system and provision cooling system repair in Vietnam.


+ Marine pipelines repair and renewal in Vietnam.


+ Overhauling Turbo Charger and Balancing in Vietnam.


+ Navigation services such as: Annual Inspection services, Calibrate Adjusting Magnetic compass, Radar Services, MF/HF Services, VDR/SVDR services ...etc.


2/ DryDock Services in Vietnam:

We can arrange all kinds of vessels that need to be repaired/ maintained in DryDock and Floating Dock in Vietnam.

+ DryDock: L160m x W25m x 16.000DWT

+ Floating Dock:

L116m x W23m x 8.500DWT

L160m x W33m x 9.600 DWT

+ Synchrolift System: L224m x W35m x 70.000DWT


4/ Underwater hull cleaning in Vietnam / Underwater hull inspection in Vietnam:

+ Underwater Inspection Services (UWI)

+ Underwater Cleaning Services (UWC).

+ Other Services in Underwater as following: Underwater Welding, Underwater plug for renewal/repair overboard pipelines and valves, Underwater plug for renewal/ repair Speed log, Underwater cutting ropes and cleaning/ polishing sea chest, rudder and propeller …etc


5/ Lashing Services in Vietnam:

+ Steel products (coils, wire rods, merchant steel, pipelines, steel tubes, etc).

+ General cargo, packed and unpacked machinery.

+ Deck cargo.

+ Heavy lifts & long lifts


6/ Marine Supplies in Vietnam:

+ Marine Spare Parts.

+ Deck/ Engine/ Bonded Stores.

+ Material.


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