HMS – Haiphong Marine Services


Our policy is providing the best support and always beside the clients once they need Ship repair services in Vietnam or Marine services in Vietnam as well as provide all kinds of objects, equipment, spare parts for ships.

HMS - Haiphong Marine Services was founded in 1989 as the first company for ship repair and conversion in Vietnam. Over the years the company has been gaining a reputation for the best ship repairing, marine services, offering the Shipowners and the Ship managers / operators the ability to repair vessels on any ports/ terminals in Vietnam.

HMS - Haiphong Marine Services is located in Hai Phong Port City of Vietnam and we are the leading marine & offshore services provider in all the Sea Ports of Vietnam.

HMS Services offers include:

- Marine repair services

- Lashing Services

- Dry-dock services

- Underwater hull cleaning and underwater inspection ship hull

- LSA / FFE annual services

- Specialist marine spares & services

- Design and engineering capabilities. ....etc in Vietnam

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HMS supplies Marine Services in all Ports & Terminals of Vietnam as follows:

- Marine Services in Hai Phong Port

- Marine Services in Cai Lan Port

- Marine Services in Hon Gai Port

- Marine Services in Cam Pha Port

- Marine Services in Nghi Son Port

- Marine Services in Cua Lo Port

- Marine Services in Vissai Port

- Marine Services in Lach Huyen Port

- Marine Services in Son Duong Port

- Marine Services in Hon La Port

- Marine Services in Dung Quat Port

- Marine Services in Quy Nhon Port

- Marine Services in Van Phong Anchorage

- Marine Services in Vinh Tan Port

- Marine Services in Cai Mep Port

- Marine Services in Phu My Port

- Marine Services in Vung Tau Port

Also, HMS provides all kinds of services at inner and outer anchorage as following:

- Ship repair and marine services at Hon Gai - Quang Ninh

- Ship repair and marine services at Cam Pha

- Ship repair and marine services at Ha Long

- Ship repair and marine services at Cai Lan port 

- Ship repair and marine services at Cua Lo anchorage

- Ship repair and marine services at Son Duong anchorage

- Ship repair and marine services at Da Nang anchorage

- Ship repair and marine services at Cam Ranh

- Ship services at Vung Tau anchorage... etc.

HMS - Haiphong Marine Services is synonymous with:

- Shortest duration in marine services

-  Handover of products as confirmed

-  Service prices are reasonable

-  With the best skills & responsible team.

Contact us:

Haiphong Marine Services Co. Ltd

Address: 27/633 Thien Loi street - Le Chan District - Hai Phong City


Phone number: +84 947 739 556 - HOTLINE: +84 947 739 556