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HMS - HAIPHONG MARINE SERVICES is leading company which supplies serices for Rewinding Electric motor and Generator alternator in Viet Nam. We've Maintenance/ Rewinding for all type electric motor and generator alternator in Viet Nam such as 1 phase, 2 phases, 3 phases with various Makers: Taiyo, Cumins, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, ... etc

With many year experience in this field and many maintenance and rewinding skills, we can complete urgent job within vessels loading/ discharging cargo time in all the Ports and Anchorages of Vietnam. 

With a quick team mobilization and good skilled of maintenance and rewinding, we will supply full services for repair Electric motor and Generator alternator in Viet Nam as follow:


- Rewinding all type of electric motor. 

- Re-varnish after re-winded and heating by special heater equipment.

- Recondition for all damage parts of electric motor, renew ball bearings.

- Supply new electric motor.

Generator Alternator:

- Cleaning by chemical, heating and re-varnish for rotor and stator of generator on vessel.

- Rewinding rotor and stator, re-varnish after re-winded and heating by special heater equipment.

- Dynamic balancing rotor.

- Supply spare parts.

 HMS objectives are:

- Shortest duration in marine services

- Ensuring timely handover of products as confirmed

- Services prices is Reasonable.

You will find the Vietnam Local Ports where is the Vessel needs to supply shore services for the repair Electric motor and Generator alternator or other.

We provide services in the Ports of Vietnam as folowing:

- Rewinding Electric motor at Cam Pha Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Ha Long Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at HICT Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Cai Lan Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor  at Nghi Son  Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Hai Phong Port.

- Rewinding Electric motor at Son Duong Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Vissai Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Dung Quat  Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Phu My Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Vinh Tan Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at Cai Mep Port 

- Rewinding Electric motor at HCM City 

Some pictures of Rewinding electric motor in Cai Mep Port alongside for MV MSTS OCEANUS:

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Haiphong Marine Services Co. Ltd

Address: 27/633 Thien Loi street - Le Chan District - Hai Phong City


Phone number: +84 947 739 556 - HOTLINE: +84 947 739 556