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Container Twistlock Maintenance In Viet Nam

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Container twistlock is usually corrosion and rust and cracked due to ship loading and unloading cargo. For safety reason the twist lock is mandatory yearly inspection and maintenance. We are also the workshop provide kind of this service in all main port of Viet Nam.


With Quick team mobilzation, skilled and experienced worker, professional working and on time delivery we are always willing and able to receive your request if any. Please finding here with detail contact:

Kind of Damage: 

1. Top cone yellow paint visible

2. Bottom cone blue paint visible

3. Cracks and/or deformation on housing and/or handle 

4. Wire damage 

 5. Handle guide 

 6. End knob damaged or missing

 7. Bolts properly tightened .

Image for Container Twistlock before maintenance.

Repair procedure:

Clean all parts --> Remove old grease. Re-grease -->  In case of any malfunction, disassemble and replace the faulty parts -->Replace any missing parts --> Re-install and operation Test --> Painting and delivery.

Image for Container Twistlock after maintenance.

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