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HMS - HAIPHONG MARINE SERVICES is leading company which supplies services for afloat repair Propeller of Vessel in Port or Anchorage of Viet Nam. We can straightenning/ recondition/ fill up welding missed parts of propeller blades.


With many year experience in this field and many maintenance and rewinding skills, we can complete urgent job within vessels loading/ discharging cargo time in all the Ports and Anchorages of Vietnam. 

With a quick team mobilization and good skilled of maintenance and rewinding, we will supply full services for traightenning/ recondition/ fill up welding missed parts of propeller blades in Viet Nam as follow:


- Straightenning/ redeformed by heating up 

- Straightenning by Hydraulic Jacks, Chain Blocks...etc

- Bronze welding 

- Penestration testing 

 HMS objectives are:

- Shortest duration in marine services

- Ensuring timely handover of products as confirmed

- Services prices is Reasonable.

You will find the Vietnam Local Ports where is the Vessel needs to supply shore services for the straightenning/ recondition/ fill up welding missed parts of propeller baldes  or others. 

We provide these services in the Ports of Vietnam as following:

- Propeller Blade repairs at Cam Pha Port.

- Propeller Blade repairs at Ha Long Port.

- Propeller Blade repairs ladder at Hon Gai Port.

- Propeller Blade repairs at ladder Cai Lan Port 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Nghi Son Port 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Hai Phong Port.

- Propeller Blade repairs at Son Duong Port 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Vissai Port 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Dung Quat Port 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Phu My Port 

Propeller Blade repairs at Vinh Tan Port 

Propeller Blade repairs at Cai Mep Port.

Propeller Blade repairs at Go Gia Port  

Propeller Blade repairs at HCM City 

- Propeller Blade repairs at Hon La Port.

Propeller Blade repairs at Hai Phong Port.

Propeller Blade repairs at Da Nang Port.

Propeller Blade repairs at Quy Nhon Port.

Below are Photo Report for repair Propeller Blades for MV JIN HAI PING in HO CHI MINH CITY - VIET NAM on 1st April 2020:

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